Thursday, June 24, 2010

Calling all smokers...

Smoking is disgusting. The stench of it reeks throughout your house, your clothes, your hair, your car and yourself. Having a cigarette between your fingers causes yellowing of the skin and nails, and is hardly a form of attraction.

I recently went into the supermarket the other day to inquire about the e-cigarette, advertised to look and taste like a real one, without the harmful side effects of smoking tobacco. I found that it costs $90NZD and has more warnings on the box than an actual packet of cigarettes....

"Do not use the e-cigarette if you suffer from...."
"Do not use for longer than you would a normal cigarette...."
"Do not use if you are pregnant, breasfeeding..."
"Do not use if you are under the age..."

And then it just gets better. The e-cigarette that costs so much just to help smokers quit, actually ends up costing about the same as a packet of smokes! It comes with refills of the gas (that imitates the smoke which you actually inhale) which cost $20NZD a packet! What an incentive to quit! I don't think so.

I laughed at the supermarket cashier when she told me all of this and proceeded to walk out the door. What a con that was. We'll probably find out that the inhalants are addictive next.

People that are addicted to smoking I find quite often say that they enjoy it. But they don't, really. When the nicotine levels in your blood drop below the minimum, the smoker goes through withdrawal symptoms and picks up another smoke to bring them back up. The smoker does not smoke because he/she enjoys it, they smoke because they do not enjoy the withdrawal symptoms.

It goes around in a vicious cycle, often ending in disease and/or death. Yet we continue to smoke, thinking that this won't happen to us, we can always quit when we get older, or thinking that we will be one of the few people that live to survive smoking cigarettes.

I'm sorry to say that I am one of those people. I have tried quitting, and would like to say that I was unsuccessful because I didn't actually want to quit, I 'enjoyed' smoking. Well I don't. But I've put it in the 'too-hard box' for now, and am continuing to walk the tight-rope of too-much or too-little nicotine.

There needs to be more motivation for smokers to quit, because putting the price up on addiction WILL NOT HELP. 

Why Quit? A helpful cold turkey website.
New Zealand information on quitting smoking

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Man Cold

Just recently our family came down with a nasty chest cold. As I'm sure most people are aware, however - this is nothing compared to the man cold.

The man in question at our house moans on the couch, snuggled up on bed, sends moan texts and just moans in general really. Obviously having the same virus as the rest of the family is really taking it out on him, and as such, we should all be coddling him with sympathy, back rubs, and chicken soup...

Well, being the unsympathetic woman that I am, I decided to do a little research into the topic. Why is the man cold so much worse than a woman's?

The Infamous Man Cold

The truth? It's not. It is exactly the same virus with exactly the same symptoms. However, I did find out some information on perhaps why the male species seems to think that they are dying every time that they get a man cold.

  • It is scientifically proven that men are more likely to overrate their cold symptoms, one of the theories being that men have different ways of perceiving and reporting symptoms.
  • The symptoms are the same, men just respond differently.
  • Men are less likely to seek medical advice.
  • Being sick is seen by men as a green light to go ahead and let it all out. Moaning, whining, you name it. This is perhaps because men are not often given a chance in society to participate in this 'women's' activity. Therefore they take advantage of the man cold when they can.
  • Men who feel neglected or in need of some nurturing are also prone to taking advantage of the man cold to receive the attention they crave.

Urban Dictionary definitions of the man cold:

1. The name 'man cold' disguises the true, terrible, debilitating disease that is the 'man cold'. Nearly all men will die from man colds unless they are administered immediately with large amounts of mindless TV such as daytime TV or children's cartoons. It is essential that they not move from the bed or a comfy sofa to allow for rehabilitation, and must have tissues and 'man cold' medicine. ( Such as chocolate biscuits, McDonalds or a nice cup of tea.) All of which must also be administered to them constantly by a nearby female.

2. Only men get 'man colds'. They are the worst type of cold to get. They are near-fatal. Your man will not be able to lift a finger for two weeks... if you are lucky.

So after doing some reading on this topic (and of course, cooking dinner, doing the family's washing, cleaning up, watching the kids and putting them to bed ) I'm thinking I pulled the short straw when it comes to being a woman in a house full of sickness!

I might take a leaf out of the man's book and go put my feet up while watching rubbish television. And then demand medicine from a nearby male.... in the form of chocolate of course. :-)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Polyvore Me Please!

About a year ago I decided to crawl out from underneath my rock and get the internet on at our house. And I must admit, my favourite list has had to be regularly deleted and updated in order to keep track of the many amazing websites available.

Thanks to one of my darling siblings (internet addict!), I came across and it is just THE most original and creative/interactive site currently on my favourite bar.

Not only do us girls get to drool over the copious fashion items for sale from global designers, but their blog is just fantastic. Keeping me up-to-date on all the latest trends that we, as Polyvorians, are setting!

The editor tool allows Polyvorians to create a collage, or 'set' from the millions of items listed in your search screen. In this fashion, you can mix and match outfits, create an art or expression masterpiece, or even upload your own photo to try out new interior decorating styles!

For all of us with a flair in design, it's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

Current Trends:

  • Boots - both lace up ankle boots and peeptoe wedge boots are big this season.
  • Double breasted trench coats with gorgeous tailoring. Camel is definitely making a comeback.
  • Hats - the larger the better! Fedoras are still looking good, and wide brimmed hats will be revamping next summer.
  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Pearls (did these ever go out of fashion?) These are coming through in a lot of accessories, though mixing it up by weaving a pearl necklace into an updo can leave the neckline simple.

So if you have a spare few hours, and are willing to become addicted to one of fashions hottest sites, then check out to while away the hours.

Inkin' Pink.